Researcher, Speaker, Consultant

Director, Creativity Profiling Project, LATI, University of Paris Descartes (Sorbonne), France
Vice President, Professor & Director of Research, Preparing Global Leaders Foundation, Moscow, Skopje, Amman, Split, Washington D.C.
Vice President, Omni Art Design, USA
Visiting Researcher, University of Oxford (former Lecturer & Fellow), UK
Adjunct Professor of Economics & Psychology, University of Paris I&V (Sorbonne)
Leadership Course Lecturer & Organizer, University of Paris I&V (Sorbonne)
Associate Editor, Journal of Design, Business & Society

BA, Yale University, Ethics, Politics & Economics
MDiv, Harvard University, World Religions
Doctorate, University of Oxford, Psychology

My degrees, research, and applied work has always been interdisciplinary, spanning several different fields, but each of them is united by fundamental grounding in rigorous empirical research at the highest level.

I strongly believe that psychology, optimally pursued, should be re-envisioned as a subdiscipline of many other fields, providing tools and perspectives to improve the full range of human processes and interactions.

The different fields of my work are united by the following principle themes and areas of academic research:

  • Individual Differences (personality, intelligence, culture, gender, leadership, psychometric tests, questionnaire construction, etc.)
  • Creativity & Innovation (identification, measurement, individual & group enhancement)
  • Psychology of Religion/Culture (broadly construed as psychology of culture and meaning making—another important “human factor”—with focuses on fundamentalism, conflict, visionary personalities, and powerful transformative experiences)
  • Cognitive Biases, Decision Making & some areas of Behavioral Economics (emphasis on profiling and measurement, but also interested in training)
  • Technology and its interaction with the other themes listed here to produce our collective future

In practice, as a speaker and consultant, I am an interdisciplinary creative problem-solver bringing the resources of several fields and noteworthy institutions to bear on individual, organizational, and public problems—all in the context of my keen interest in technology and other forces shaping the future.  I also design bespoke studies, including psychometric tests and questionnaires, and lead workshops on the themes of my research in several different countries.  Through my background in art and design, I sometimes consult for large scale public meaning, identity, and community-building projects.

If you have project, event, or other opportunity that might be of mutual interest, please contact me.